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ITC Vivel Shower Gel

By Chayanikarabha
ITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelITC Vivel Shower GelDitch the old habit of using soap and upgrade your body experience today!
These days pollution has become a major issue and we have been hearing about it everywhere. And, the increase in pollution over the years has a major impact on our skin.  
Exposure of the skin to a polluted environment has been associated with premature aging, causing skin damage such as dry skin and inflammatory or allergic skin conditions and even worse, cancer. Thankfully, one of the easiest and most effective treatments against pollution is to regularly clean your face and body. Therefore using a good body wash in place of soap will surely be a healthy change for us. 
We started using soaps and other cleansers to cleanse our bodies and our shower routine has evolved a LOT over time. We graduated from using modern ways to cleanse our body and today I am going to tell you about my favorite product when it comes to a soothing bathing experience. Shower gels!
For the last few days, I have been using Vivel’s all-new range of body washes and let me just tell you they are so much #BetterThanSoap! They come in two variants and I am currently obsessed with both of those variants. They have two distinct fragrances and I use them bother depending on my mood and vibe for the day. I use Lavender + Almond Oil when I want a soothing and relaxing experience. The fragrance absolutely calms me down and relaxes me. Whereas I use the Mint + Cucumber when I have a lot to do or mostly after the gym. Its fragrance refreshes me and gets me excited about my day.
Just one drop of Vivel body wash on loofah can carry off the damages from pollution, keeping our skin moisturized and fresh from the exposure. These amazing shower gels give you more freshness, more fragrance, and a rich creamy lather. It also makes our body supple and glowy. All of this for the price of your usual soap bar. Vivel shower gels retail at the price of just Rs 40 for 100ml and you get a loofah for free.  A loofah is great not just to create more lather but it also gives you a gentle scrub to get rid of dead and dry skin. All you need is a coin-sized amount of product each time you shower.
I strongly recommend you try out the Vivel body washes. I am personally loving the Mint + Cucumber one in particular for its refreshingly strong scent. I love it even more because it is especially easy to carry this in gym bags. 
These bottles are a must-have and can be called the perfect travel partner that we can carry easily with us anytime anywhere. Trust me it won't take up a lot of space won't easily spill out!   
Now that winter is approaching a lot of us will face the problem of dry skin. This is the best time to step away from the regular soap bars that strip your skin of all the moisture and switch to these shower gels that will nourish your skin and cleanse keeping the moisture intact. It's a win-win for me especially because I have super dry skin. Body washes and shower gels hold a lower pH value than the traditional soap.
So there is nothing better than Vivel shower gels to keep your skin healthy, soft, supple and glowy. Through the years, Vivel has continued to reinvent itself, to stay relevant to changing needs of the self-assured and endearing Indian women. Vivel is committed to creating products that deliver nourishment for our skin. 
This post is created in collaboration with Vivel India. but All opinions stated are honest and my own

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