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It's Time to Positively Shine....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Today I am starting something new, something different. Something a bit scary and a bit exciting at the same time.  Today is the last day that I will have this feeling I will....wait we will "Positively Shine" Yes I did say "We", and that means I would be delighted if you would walk with me in this deep down gift that I have of spreading positive words of encouragement that could change someones life.
Many times when we wake up, attend functions, family gatherings, or when we see a certain person our first thoughts are not positive.  Well I set out to change the game.  Life does not have to be full of let downs, , disappointments and whoa is me's. Its time to look at them head on and positively shine-take the negative and find one positive thing about it instead of letting life consume you.  I have had my days of let downs, break-ups, disappointments, hurt and pain; so we are already familiar with each other in that sense.  So with the simple process to look at situations differently-we will smile in the face of irritation, discomfort and just out of the blue annoyances.  With this WE can ALL obtain the goal of being able to "Positively Shine" each day!  
So are you ready for the daily fight? Are you ready for positive change? Get Ready...Get Set..........Positively Shine!
Your New Friend
Ms. Positivity 

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