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It's Time to Disclose

By Saumya Shiohare @myriadmusings1
Technically speaking, this should have been published long time ago, around the time when I started this blog....But as you all know how timely I have been managing things....(no pun intended), I missed on this one. 
Every now and then I keep tweaking the look of my blog page layout, it's coz I have to update and add new features. 

One feature that you have seen over time is the "SHOP MY LOOK " .... You must have also noticed the widget that follows the shop my look tab, you can actually click and shop the same or related products from the outfit  I am wearing that very day. They are all hand-picked by me, just for you. Clicking on the pictures directs you to the retailers page that opens up in a whole new page. 

An attached disclosure- each click earns me a commission, not a whole lot but each cent counts...and if you buy through my link, its a win-win too. So keep clicking and sending more cents my way....wink wink !!

I recently joined an AFFILIATE program, which provides me with a platform to work with and explore the different online retailers and vendors. These vendors have their own selection criteria and a blogger needs to meet most of them in order to qualify as an affiliate. I have been selected to work with a few of them. You might find the advertisements/links of those vendors on the left hand side of the page layout. Most of them now provide International shipping, so my readers all around the world can enjoy the luxury of online shopping. 

Disclosure - Once again if you click through them and make an actual purchase, I earn a commission which is a %age of the amount you spend. I am not paid daily but it is either monthly or a $100 threshold, whichever first. So far I haven't received any big fat check but I know the day will be here soon. So folks, if you like any add on my page do click on it and make it worthy of all the time I have put in, in managing these affiliates. 

Hope I have successfully conveyed my message to you. If you have any questions feel free to email me @ [email protected]

Thanks for your time


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