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It’s Over

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

It’s over

He finally moved out this past Sunday, August 14.  The long wait in purgatory is finally over, and I can finally move on without the constant paranoia, sorrow, and feelings of worthlessness. My life is no longer being wasted.  I am pressing forward with new pursuits and fresh aspirations.

Today, I’m letting go of every speck of anger along with our long history together, never looking back except on every happy memory and blessed moment with our children.

There will be new struggles, but they will be nothing close to what I have already been through.  A woman wants financial security and comfort, but what she truly needs is personal security, and that begins with feeling back in control of her future and no longer being naive and vulnerable.

I will be kind but will be strong.  I will no longer keep a record of wrongs, but I will never again be betrayed. I will myself to forgive, the sooner the better, though it might take some time for my wounded ego to fully recover…rather, to lose my ego altogether.  What good is the ego, anyway?

I wish him well.  I truly do.  I pray he finds what and who makes him sincerely happy.

I’m already there.


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By Nassima
posted on 17 September at 17:48
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It's over between me and my boyfriend.....i'm sad!