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It's My Birthday* And I'll Rationalize If I Want To...

By Unefemme @DejaPseu

It's My Birthday* And I'll Rationalize If I Want To...

Burberry Brit "Bowpark" Raincoat

Or, Just Buy The Damn Coat Already.

One thing we really can get by without in Southern California is a Good Raincoat. During our half dozen annual rainstorms, my ancient leather coat and maybe an umbrella are all that's needed to dash from the car across the parking lot to the nearest door or overhang.
But each time we prepare to travel to colder and wetter climates than our own, a minor panic sets in and sends me scurrying to the mall to try and find a decent looking, warm raincoat. Each time as part of the process I've wound up trying on that season's iteration of the Burberry coat above, then each time walked away due to the price tag. After that nothing else I try measures up, so I leave empty handed.
I've been going through this drill again during the last couple of weeks, scouting both in person and online, trying multiple brands and styles and ultimately rejecting all for rubbery fabric or poor fit or lack of lining or lumpy, unbecoming style. I was adamant about avoiding a standard double-breasted trench (they look terrible on me unless worn open, defeating the purpose here), which considerably narrowed my options. In the interest of packing light I only bring one overcoat, so it has to be warm and water resistant and look polished enough for city wear. Finally I relented and tried on this style. Again.
Happy Birthday to me.
Seriously though, this is a classic style that I do think will serve me well and be in my wardrobe forever. With the lining removed it's just enough coat for winters here, and will be my go-to travel outerwear except for the most extreme winter conditions (which we rarely travel into anyway). I'm always talking about buying "fewer but better" pieces and upgrading my wardrobe with higher quality items, and this certainly upgrades the outerwear portion. I wish I'd bought it five years ago when I first tried it on, and when the price was about half of what it is now.
Is a good raincoat a wardrobe essential for you?  Do you have a favorite? Or do you have any recent retail rationalizations to confess? ;-)
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*56, in case you were wondering.
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