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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR June 30

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a Monday post. The solstice had me thinking about Stonehenge and that led to a fuller itinerary planned for our four days in Bath, England. Last weekend, I went to see The Magic Flute and this weekend started early with a great lunch at a new restaurant called Death in the Afternoon. In between all of that, I recapped my spring reading.

Nunney Castle

The ruins of Nunney Castle, once owned by a 16th century ancestor of mine, is on our itinerary for Bath.


The Illustrated Longitude by Dava Sobel

This book will add several items to our London Itinerary.

I finished The Illustrated Longitude and hope to get it reviewed this week for British Isles Friday. I have a lot of follow-up that I want to do, filling out a timeline of English history that I’m building on the hallway wall and adding some items to our itinerary when we’re in London.

I finished Blameless by Gail Carriger on my phone. I’m going to wait until I finish the whole series before I write a review.


London by Edward Rutherfurd

I’ve gone from pre-history to 1295 and I’m not half-way through the book, yet!

I am still reading London by Edward Rutherfurd — I’m up to 1295, the late medieval era after the signing of the Magna Carta. It looks like I’ll be learning about the reign of Edward I on this section.

I was reading Rick Steves’ guidebook, London, but it migrated upstairs for trip-planning and I’m currently reading Fractured, the second in the Slated series by Teri Terry. 

On my phone, I’m enjoying Pies & Peril by Janel Gradowski, an e-Arc I got from the author when I agreed to be part of a book tour. This is a book that’s going to go over well with the Weekend Cooking crowd.

Will Read

Rick Steves' London 2014

Rick Steves’ London 2014, which included a very helpful section on Bath.

Next up, I’ll probably get back to the London guidebook.

But, I also just requested a bunch of books on Benjamin Franklin from the library. The only house he lived in that still exists is in London, just around the corner from the hotel we’ll be staying in during our trip. He lived there nearly 16 years, up to the eve of the American Revolution. I would like to understand his life there a bit more and maybe follow in his footsteps while we’re there. That research project will be a fun and unusual way to observe the Fourth of July weekend.

What are you reading?

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