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It’s Hard to Be a Songwriter!

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

For any writer, it certainly isn’t easy to transition from hobby writer to professional writer. This could be in any category; Books, film, poetry, music etc. Some writers go months or years without making any substantial income, but really just like any job, it is a matter of experience and building a resume.

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One important factor about successful writing is continuous writing. Writing is rewriting and so forth. Writing a song can definitely take talent, and these certain talents can bring a certain style and inspiration. Just like any other skill, it does take a certain amount of time and discipline to develop your craft. It is important to take constructive criticisms and be aware of flaws and positives to your writing. It seems a little cliché to say, “Practice makes perfect”.


Even if you are not born with natural song-writing capabilities or a novice on song and the written word, many schools offer the curriculum to learn and expand your knowledge. Most majors in song-writing will develop skills in melody, harmony, lyric writing, creative approaches to music, and your own writing style. If aspiring songwriters are wanting to write for other artists, then can opt to take more arrangement type courses. Also, just like any college or schooling, teachers do their best to prepare you for the employment world and what to expect.

This day in age with technology the way it is, most schools prepare the musicians for both creative and technological studies to make them more rounded individuals out in the business world. A college or schooling diploma/degree can be a pretty good accolade on a resume and show your commitment to your craft.

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Although, depending on your location geographically, there is still plenty of room to meet and greet other aspiring creators in the music industry. Especially in the internet and digital age, there are many resources available online to seek out workshops, local colleges and universities, or local music venues. One really useful site is songwritersresourcenetwork.com which can allow you access to articles, songwriting contest, blogs, newsletters, and connections in your area.


Location isn’t the most important factor in breaking into the industry, but it certainly helps. If you are in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Nashville or Austin, just to name a few, it can sometimes be somewhat easier to get your foot in the door by networking. This also applies to international locations such as London, Sydney or Tokyo. However, even if you don’t live in those cities, your dream is far from over. Sometimes it is wise to take an intern position somewhere relevant to your field. Also, with the internet age, writers have more of an advantage of getting their work discovered or feedback on their writings. Most of these cities will sometimes hold music festivals and usually writing contests to discover new and up and coming song writers. These ideas are not always guaranteed to work, but it broadens your options of getting your name out there.

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The Entertainment business can be a cut throat avenue, so it is always wise to protect your work with Entertainment Insurance. Copyright Infringement trials can cost thousands, sometimes even millions, so this is a safety net for your writing is critical.
If you are just starting out, you may want to seek out an independent producer who will fight aggressively for you to get you work, instead of going straight to a major producer. The entertainment industry can come with many rejections and disappointments, but those who really want it and stay persistent, always prevail.

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