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It’s Definitely Beer O’clock

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’m exhausted. I did the most killer workout this afternoon. Combine that with being sick for exactly 7 days and taking 5 days off from fitness and you have one pooped Maren!

It’s definitely beer o’clockIt’s definitely beer o’clockBefore we get to the epic sweat session we have to recap lunch. The coworkers and I had Erik’s Deli and I had the Thai chicken wrap. Holy yum!!!It’s definitely beer o’clockThis is my new go-to order. It has lettuce, mint, peanuts, peppers, chicken, sweet onion, and lots of spicy peanut sauce. Ohhh!!!!It’s definitely beer o’clockLook at that wrap from heaven. :mrgreen: I also had a bag of Dirty sweet potato chips and a diet coke.This afternoon we celebrated our friend Joe’s birthday.It’s definitely beer o’clockIt’s definitely beer o’clockWe celebrated with cupcakes from our new cupcakery, Fluff. It is what it looks like… I attacked my vanilla cupcake with my pearly whites.It’s definitely beer o’clock


Well I went to Snap and I did 15 minutes on an upright bike while waiting for an elliptical. Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical-type thing at level 18, which was surprisingly butt whooping. After that I came home and did a 35 minute cardio kickboxing workout DVD.

All for a grand total of 41 points (~650 Burnt calories). Holy biscuits!!!

Needless to say I was famished after I jumped out of the shower. So I made 2 heaping bowls of dinner.

It’s definitely beer o’clock
It’s definitely beer o’clock
My momma’s homemade minstone soup with ground turkey (I don’t know why we call it minestrone but we do so go with it
), a bowl of steamed broccoli with italian dressing and a Stella because anything over 30 points deserves a beer.
I’m off to enjoy some tv and couch time.

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