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It’s Closing Time for The Fab Files

Posted on the 29 September 2013 by Fcarletti

Let’s not bury the lead: this eclectic little blog has served its purpose, and it’s time to put it to rest.

I started The Fab Files as an undergraduate student in March 2009. At the time, I wanted an outlet— a place on the internet where I could be as long winded, and annoyingly earnest, and dash-crazy as I liked.

I continued to write  — regularly at times, but more and more sporadically — while making my way through graduate school, and then during my first few years in the work force. I joked that this site’s only unifying theme was “Fabiola and everything she’s interested in” — implying that the fab files all live under miscellaneous.

To my amazement, people got in touch. People stayed in touch. Over 2000 people subscribed! Although some posts went completely unnoticed, others soared straight out the park. A few trolls stopped by, but even that was kind of cool.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

These days, I must admit, I’m mainly focused on my work for Q with Jian Ghomeshi — an enlightening and entertaining CBC Radio show that has expanded  into international markets and far beyond the airwaves. I am the first associate producer to be solely responsible for the show’s website and larger web presence, and every day I’m privileged to write about fascinating individuals and ideas.  I work with an incredibly lovely and talented team, and for one of the best interviewers in the industry.

Although I’ve been keeping pretty busy, every now and again I remember my personal blog.

I log in to discover pending comments, unaddressed requests, and unexpected spikes in traffic. (This post, for instance, is still killin’ it!)  It’s something like remembering that the plant in the corner of the room needs watering, and feeling a mix of relief that it’s still alive and guilt over its worsening condition. Poor thing.

And, so, I’ve decided that it’s best to be honest about my diverted attention and my desire to draw a clearer line between the writing I did as a student and the projects I’m taking on in the professional world.

As I post this last file, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to read, comment on and share my posts over the years. I hope you will check out the strictly professional successor to this site when the time comes.

For now, I’d like to repeat how grateful I have been for your interest and engagement since 2009 (or whenever you googled your way here looking for Fabiola, Queen of Belgium).

The best way to nudge me these days is on Twitter @fiercefab. Stay in touch — or get in touch, as the case may be!

Warmest regards,
- Fabiola

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