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It Is… Time2Inspire

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

zen_jewelsI love stones and gems! I became aware of their ancient uses many years ago and I find the whole idea fascinating. When they are made into wearable art it becomes a thing of great beauty as well.

Well, for months now, on FB, I’ve been sharing inspirational posters made by Time2Inspire. Well, it turns out, not only do they make great FB images, they also have amazing jewelry!


Who knew!  So, I ordered a set that I couldn’t resist and had to give them a shout out!  They have a ton of beautiful gems and stones all geared toward feeling good. For instance, the set I’m wearing is made with New Jade, which promotes healing the mind and body. It also helps cleanse and balance. Each stone is used for some different purpose, for instance, Amethyst which is great for stability, meditation and inner peace, and Carnelian which promotes physical and emotional being as well as optimism. I couldn’t possibly list all the stones and their purposes here but suffice it to say they’ve got something for every thing and everyone!

As for me, I’ll tell you that I love this set of New Jade and I felt amazing when I put it all on.  I’m not even a big jewelry person, but I’ve worn this set many times over since I got it.   The slight jingle of the bracelet as I held hands with the hubs during a walk through the park is now a sweet memory every time I put it on my wrist.


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