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It is Not Just About the Pay…

Posted on the 03 February 2012 by Hreric @myhreric

A friend of mine called and told me that she is resigning.  From the tone of her voice she is happy that at last she will be leaving and transferring to another company.

I was wondering why, with her big pay and benefits she decided to go and venture into an unknown job in a new working environment.  As our conversation goes, I found out that she is no longer happy with her working environment.  She lacks the motivation anymore to go to work.

Salary, for her doesn’t make her happy.  She just don’t like the ways things are right now, the way things are being managed and way people are being treated.

Many experience the same thing as my friend did.  They no longer find themselves productive in their work.  I often told my friends that if you are not happy with your job and there will be no other way to bring back that zest and enthusiasm in the work, then RESIGN.

Why?  It is bad for the employee and for the company.  Since you no longer like your work, everything will be affected. You will become inefficient, unmotivated, you will feel the TGIF syndrome and the Monday sickness or tardiness habit.

The company is at loss because of wasted time, productivity is low and people are not working to their full potential.

I remember a friend of mine who once asked me, “Why are people resigning? They have a good pay, what else do they want?”

And I told him, “What do you think is the reason?”

In the next series of post, I will talk about the working condition in the organization that affects employee satisfaction.

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