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Issues with Guns

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
Over the past week or so everyone around the world would have heard the news about the school shooting in America and it is sad news that makes everyone see a major change needs to happen in America as this should not happen again.
My thoughts go out to the families and friends of everyone who has been affected by this tragedy and i do not wish to comment too much in this post about the shooting as there are plenty of other places on the Internet to read about about it.
The main goal of this post is to talk about what has happened to the American culture and the way guns have affected too many American lives. thousands of people each year die due to gun crime in America and the government just sits by letting it happen and not doing the right thing and protecting its citizens by putting through strict gun laws.
Guns used in property protection make up a small number of shootings and many more deaths could be stopped if the American government would make it safer for everyone.
I feel that i cant really comment too much on this matter as i do not live in America and it is up to the American government to sort it out but i have a few ideas about what they could do:
1. Ban on all assault riffles.
2. Stricter guidelines and testing for people who want to own a gun.
3. Higher taxes on all weapons that will go to the government to help in gun education and training
4. Limit people to only owning 2 weapons.
5. People should have to pay a yearly fee of above $5000 for the privilege to own a gun.
These are just some ways that guns could be regulated and raise more money to help organisation who could stop tragedies like this in the future.   
I hope to see some change in gun laws and hope that gun violence and gun related deaths can be prevent in the future as it is always depressing to see people being killed by guns and a government just sits by and let these things happen.
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