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Isobel's SEN Statement: an Update

By Mmostynthomas @MostynThomasJou
Isobel's SEN statement: an updateIn my post New term, new beginnings, I revealed worries regarding our local authority (LA)'s decision in relation to Isobel's education following her SEN statementing process.
Surprise surprise, we have just received their proposed statement, declaring that Isobel should go to a LA-maintained special school. No allowance has been made either for her to even try a mainstream setting, never mind PACE (who is not LA-funded). Trust the decision-making panel to write her off without even meeting her in person.
We have just 15 days to respond to the proposition. I am liaising with both PACE and the council's Inclusion Officer, who is concerned having met Isobel and attended the group meeting with us, her therapists and the staff of the mainstream nursery who gave her a place. (Despite the Inclusion Officer's suggestion that we allow seven weeks for staff training, preparations and equipment, Isobel's attendance there has been placed on hold pending a specialist chair delivery.)
I will be in touch about this soon. 

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