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Isn’t It Romantic? Thursday Thoughts

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

Thursday ThoughtsAshley at OK, Let’s Read has started a new weekly event called Thursday Thoughts. It’s a bit like Booking Through Thursday which I’ve participated in before, but the questions are available in advance. She has topics set well into May.

Here’s today’s Topic:

 Insta-Love - Does insta-love kill a book for you? Are there instances where insta-love is okay? Have you read a book with insta-love in it? Did you like or dislike that book?

I read romances, so I’m highly tolerant of quickly made attachments. In fact, I’m more likely to complain if the main characters dawdle about it. I mean, it’s a romance! We know they’re going to fall in love, so get on with it. My favorite romances are the ones where the hero and heroine fall in love pretty quickly and then go off and do something heroic together. The relationship, of course, can be pretty wobbly, at first, and face a real challenge or two near the end, but I like most of the action to be related to something wonderful that they can only accomplish as a couple.

I guess I’m just a romantic at heart.

Thanks to April at The Steadfast Reader for pointing out this new weekly event on Google Plus — that’s how I discovered it. April, I see, has a Bloggiesta mini-challenge up this morning about how to create an attractive blog page. Bloggiesta is what I’m supposed to be working on today!

What do you think about insta-love in a book?

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