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Islamic Hobbits – I Get Mail

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Reprieve @EvoAnth

Once again I’m faced with a comment that I can only respond to with a shake of my head. Join me in this shaking!

The hobbit peoples are real one still exist in mountain surrounded thick forest.Holy quran clearly mention their name yaajuj-maajuj.In bible per islam those peole tiny size 3 feet only,good hunter and archerer.they eating everything.They will be  come out from the hill during the time of jesus second coming and spoiled the world.The lady hobbit birth more than 1000 children in her life time.This hobbit people one of the adams ancestor.Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) said  this people living in eastern side.May be they are living indonesia thick forest hillside area.

I do hope they come out during the second coming. Hopefully having another human species on the planet will stop people trying to clone neanderthals and creating a media fuss.


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