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Is Your Life Becoming a Decorative Nutsack?

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving


I was standing at my kitchen sink, when I looked up and noticed this… I dunno… bondage ball? Morton’s Fisherman nutsack? hanging from the pass-through.

I have no idea what this thing is, and yet it has literally been hanging in front of my face for years.

“What the hell is this thing, anyway?” I asked Mike.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Is it a Christmas ornament we’ve inexplicably hung from the pass?”

“The pass?” Mike repeated. He sighed. “We watch too many cooking shows.”

I agreed.  ”But what is this thing, ya donkey?”

Mike turned his attention back to the mystery ball. He shrugged. “I guess it’s just a decoration.”

I wanted to expound on how silly it was, but just then I couldn’t wrap my mind around why we would buy something so stupid. I was too busy wondering:

How many other things have I have become so accustom to, that I don’t even see them anymore? 

Well, sure, the dust behind the bathroom door, but what else? What about in life in general? Have I been in my current profession so long that I just can’t imagine not doing it anymore? Are we traveling enough? Should we move? Take up clogging? Are there things that could be better? Am I neglecting something?

So this weekend, if you do nothing else, ask yourself this question:

What aren’t you seeing? 

Has your life become a decorative nutsack?

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