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Is the Only Way out Suicide?

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal
Hello  Sorry I have not been posting for the past week. I have midterms, which literally takes five hours to study for :/  Today is not a beauty post, sorry that is next week, I thought I would share some tragic news I have hearing this past weekend. I live in the suburbs and a few cities over from me there is a public school that I am pretty familiar with. I won't which public school on behalf my security and in respect of the family, but someone committed suicide.
I learned about this from my history teacher because he happens to live in this city where the person passed away. The person attended the city's public high-school. He was a freshman and I think he was fourteen. People found him dead on Friday and they are saying that it was suicide because there was no evidence to say otherwise, but details have not been released. 
When my teacher talked about this, he made some really good points that I thought I should share in my own words. What is so hurtful and sad that makes you want to take your own life, especially if that hurtful thing is written on the internet. Its not that I don't feel sad, I DO, but it is just something I don't understand.

Then on Monday, someone else committed suicide- In the same city, same school. He was a senior who was going to graduate this June, 2014 . He was found hung in his backyard in the morning.

If two kids are committing suicide in the same week from the same school, then there is a problem. One of them was being cyber-bullied, I think it was the freshman. This school is trying to help students with grieving counselors, but shouldn't they hunt the main cause or the person who could of said these hurtful comments. I will give them a week the weekend to see what solution they have for this problem.
How to stop suicide before it happens!I think kids of the same age and in my generations can understand each other better than adults understand kids. I am pretty emphatic to people and their situations, which is like 'treat others you want to be treated' or 'putting yourself in someone else shoes' and I am going to try give tips and advice to treat the problem in an indirect way.Why an indirect approach? I know if I was suicidal (Which I am not!) If someone told me 'Laila, I know you are suicidal and you should get some help' I would most likely feel embarrassed. I would ask myself 'will they look or treat me different, who will they tell, etc?' then become scared, which just causes more anxiety.
How to know if someone is suicidal ? The thing you really don't know unless they show physical signs like cutting wrists/thighs, writing about how they hate themselves, or even if someone is bullying them.  If you are a parent you can't keep them in the room and watch over them.

Know what they like- If the person you think is suicidal, might commit suicide or hurt themselves, follow these steps. I STRONGLY advise if this not working then get help form a professional. Find out something they really like. For example if the person really likes anime then do something related to anime.  Take him/her to an anime convention or even to Japan! Set the date for a few week or longer and build up the excitement of the event. You know that this plan is working if they are excited as well. This plan distracts them from committing suicide/having suicidal thoughts because it is something they like. Then take them and do this cycle over and over again and watch to see if they show their old signs.

Suicide is more serious than I am making it out to be. The whole point of the 'indirect' plan is to show the person that there is more out there than the stuff written on the internet or in your tiny school in your tiny town. The person just has to find it:)

This is just my advice, but if you or someone you know needs someone to talk to then you can message me on tumblr, tweet me, or use my business email to contact me:) I want to be that person who you can talk to if you are having problems (my teacher said that too!) Anyways, stay safe, I hope to see you back on Monday, and in the comments share your thoughts/advice on this topic.

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