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Is the Journey Almost Over?

By Claire

Days to go: 8

With just over a week to go the nerves are setting in. I got thinking earlier about all the lovely people I have either met in person or online during this incredible journey and started getting a little emotional!

I have also discovered some rather interesting small suppliers and businesses – ones that would have otherwise passed me by if I were not using the internet as a wedding research tool! Along with this are the variety of ideas I have encountered that have helped contribute to making our wedding day and the run up to it truly personal and special for us.

The run up to the wedding is almost over and soon I will have stories and photographs to share with you all who have been so kind to read about my journey and offer your comments. The dilemma I face now is what do I do when it’s all over?

I’ve noticed that many of those in the wedding business emerged from the journey of getting married. Whether they found a new skill through the planning process, a gap in the market for a specialised service, or just didn’t want to stop talking about and showcasing exciting weddings. Claire will know that I mentioned to her that I had an idea about what perhaps I could provide for future brides after my journey came to an end. This still needs to be digested in my mind a little more, and I don’t know what’s stopping me from not just doing it, but on the other hand there are so many people in the industry I wonder whether I’ll ever get to make a difference. However, continuing on with something wedding related must be a great way to keep in contact with all those friends and contacts I feel I have made along the way.

I’m now going to list those who I would miss dearly (I’m talking Twitter and blogs here!) if I left all this wedding stuff behind:

Mrs Tatty Bojangles and her Hen House

Cloggins and her Wedding Reporting

Mission2Wed and her Mission

Bride and Chic – I couldn’t have found my wedding videographer without them!

Sally – my fellow Star Bride and a fantastic photographer!

Emma and Beth at Frill Designs – for whom I am truly grateful for the masterpiece that is my sparkly cuff.

Kate at Queens and Bowl for her fabulous jewellery and kindness

There’s a way I can bring you all together in my life. I just know it!

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