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Is That YOUR Garbage?

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

I work in fast food, and I have a story that is about the best thing I have EVER seen!

It was a statutory holiday so it was very slow in the restaurant. A group of us was huddled in the drive thru chatting, so we had a great view through the window as the events unfolded.

We had an SUV with 3 people in it come through the drive thru, get food, and park. While they were eating they tossed some garbage out the window into the parking lot.

One of the guys in the huddle, a long time employee named Rick saw this and got P!$$ed. Management wants to keep the parking lot clean, and looking good for any customers that come along all the time.

Rick was the type of guy who often said what others would only think, I remember once when a customer, asked him what was wrong with our debit machine after their card declined for insufficient funds and he responded "maybe it's your card, the last guy didn't have a problem."

Rick went outside and picked up the garbage. He didn't say anything to them, just picked it up and turned back toward the store and tossed it into the garbage can. By the time he had done this, the customers saw what was happening and threw more garbage out the window into the parking lot. A-Holes! 

We're all watching out the window, and waiting. Rick turns around, marches back to the SUV, picks up the garbage and approaches the passenger side where the window is down.

"Is this your garbage?" he says. (according to his account afterward)

Apparently they said "yes". He tosses it into the vehicle onto the passenger's lap and says "here ya go" and calmly walks back into the restaurant, washes his hands comes back to join the group.

Our group of chatters was in shock. THAT WAS AWESOME! The patrons shouldn't have done that, but dumbass customers rarely get what they deserve, AND THEY JUST DID!

The driver came in was so mad, she was pointing at Rick and telling the manager that "your employee just threw garbage on my friend, and it wasn't even our garbage." The manager, to his credit, had seen the whole thing and although he might not have approved of Rick's behaviour, he backed him up and told the customer that he had personally watched them throw the garbage out the window and that she needed to leave.

She didn't say another word and stomped out. Game, set and match, Rick!

Is that YOUR Garbage?

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