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Is Pakistan Sovereign?

Posted on the 03 March 2013 by Azharnadeem

PakistanThe creation of Pakistan on the Holy Day of Juma-tul-Wida and the 27th of Ramadan, 1947, was not an accident; it was the divine will and the result of the sacrifices of the Muslims for centuries. Its freedom and independence should have been valued more than anything else ensuring its dignity and sovereignty. Our rulers who are mental slaves of aliens and following external policies could not make the country and the nation truly independent. NRO-infected rulers have surrendered Pakistan’s sovereignty in absolute terms. We are now hostage to whatever America demands. The rulers who were tasked to solve problems of the masses, instead of delivering them anything, have become obedient servants of external forces.

U.S and NATO have no capability to realize their designs in the region without Pakistan’s support. However, instead of benefiting from the strategic position of the country, our rulers have bowed before the US and sold out national sovereignty. These politicians who are selling the country at throw away prices are taking advantage our apathy. In May 2011 U.S carried out Osama bin Laden raid (which constituted a real sovereignty violation). Again on November 17th of that year, U.S did an air strike that killed 26 Pakistani soldiers near a village called Salala. The killing of persons by CIA Chief in Lahore and his handover by the Government of Pakistan to U.S shows that our politicians cannot bear the pressures of America what a leadership? President Asif Ali Zardari also sold out country’s sovereignty by asking the US to control Pakistan army after Abbotabad operation by U.S. Every second third day an American missile hits Pakistani soil, Pakistan’s government exercises its sovereignty by choosing not to blow it out of the sky.

America has forgotten that it was America itself that foisted jihad upon Pakistan and imparted military training to Mujahedeen during the 1980s when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan and the same Mujahedeen are now called by U.S “Terrorists”. When the US withdrew in 1990, U.S rolled back rendering alone Pakistan and remained absent from the region. With such starkly different accounts of history and responsibility, the deal that has been tentatively inked between U.S and Pakistan is bound to fail and nothing can be gained out of drone strikes.

Our country has become a hub of international conspiracies. We are fighting with one another instead of our enemy and the enemy is framing our policies. Everyone dumps blame on others. We have become beggars and a bought nation, and the nations that sell out do not have any freedom; they lose all self respect and freedom. It is a permanent habit of our politicians that they have begging bowl in their hands. The Pakistani nation has been sacrificing itself but it is unfortunate that it is still not being able to progress even after the loss it has bared in the past 65 years.  We are almost there now when private individuals and corporations dictate public policy at whim. We are still poor despite being among the top recipients of aid in the world…this is because of poor leadership and management of the aid provided. With aid packages, particularly from the US, I do not like the term ‘aid.’ It sounds too much like we are taking alms. The statement of NAB chairman regarding corruption of up to Rs12 billion being carried out daily by the government has tarnished the country’s image. Worst of all, we are poor managers of our God-given resources. Pakistan should not be a beggar nation and should stand on its own feet.

Pakistan is in high fiscal trouble. The fact Pakistan today is not sovereign. Unfortunately due to bad governance and mismanagement today Pakistan is dependent on IMF and US. Instead it is an administrative district or customer of the global banking establishment, IMF and World Bank, whose power has grown steadily over time based on the math of the bond market, currently ruled by the US dollar, and the expansionary nature of fractional lending. It is due to the wrong policies of the rulers and their corruption that Pakistan has become a hostage at the hands of the World Bank, the IMF and other international agencies. Pakistan has to spend almost more than 1000 billion rupees this year on debt servicing. This is due to the government’s expenditures being higher than the country’s resources.

War against terrorism is not our war. It is the war of America who just wants to maintain its monopoly by one pretext or other in this region for their own interest where do America and its allies go? President Zardari has so far generously spent $68 billion on the American war on terror highly indebting the country, but Afghanistan had become a graveyard for American troops.

After 65 years of independence our economic and social development is poor and not up to the mark. People are divided on regional basis and are fighting and killing each other every day so the day is not far when it will be fragmented into different states. The present political leaders have no caliber to stem this rot. The green passport has totally lost its honor. It is the biggest threat for our nation. The time has come to quickly figure out where this country stands and where it’s heading. There is dire difference between reality and assumptions. Pakistan is a sovereign state by definition, but realistically it is a dependent state and a colony of U.S and western countries. Pakistan does not have sovereignty over its decision making. Its Foreign Policy is guided by foreign masters. Pakistan’s economic policies are dictated and governed by IMF and World Bank. There is supremacy of international law over Pakistan’s state law. People do not have feeling of community. What else can determine the sovereignty of a nation?

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