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"Is My Baby Ok?"

By Babyjandbean
What can I say? My kids are charming. Baby J and Bean had their cardiology appointments this morning. Baby J whizzed through the vitals as soon as we got there and as I feared, Bean went bonkers. Bean can't stand well enough for the standing scale so he has to sit on the table scale. He hates it and today wasn't an exception. I have to step (way) back when he's on the scale and let the nurse deal with him because if I'm too close, he reaches out and nearly leaps off the table and in to my arms. This morning, as he was making his utter lack of pleasure known, his brother quietly asked,"is my baby ok?" The nurses swooned over Baby J's sweet nature and obvious concern for "his baby."
The exams followed the same pattern. Baby J went first. After a minute or two of coaxing, he cooperated for the nurse, then the PA, then the doctor. He talked to them and and worked his charm. And for the record, his heart is fine, thank goodness. His murmur is "innocent." His blood pressure is normal. His ECG was normal. 
Bean was second. We hoped that he would relax seeing that his brother went through it first and he was fine.  Bean was ok until they attempted to touch him and then all h#ll broke loose. They were unable to get a good blood pressure and even the cardiologist, with a gazillion years of experience, was not able to hear much through the stethoscope. It was clear that they needed to sedate him if they wanted to do any tests and, well, the tests are necessary for him. So, they gave him Versed. It's a light sedative, kind of like kiddy Valium. I (half) jokingly asked for some to take home because it worked wonders. He was still awake. Nothing makes this kid sleep, remember? But he was happily residing in la la land.
Bean was very calm for the ECHO, ECG and repeat double-arm blood pressure checks. The imaging showed that he does have mild supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS) which is narrowing of the aortic valve and is very common in people with Williams Syndrome. Bean's case is mild and does not require any treatment or surgery right now. His cardiologist is optimistic and wants to see him again in a year for a repeat ECHO and ECG. He'll likely have to go annually for the rest of his life. Bean's blood pressure is borderline high and he needs double-arm checks every six months. Again, no treatment is necessary yet. 
After the tests, Bean was punch drunk from the sedative and sweet as could be. The nurses kept complimenting me on how cute and pleasant my boys are. Overall, it was a good appointment and I really liked the new (to us) cardiologist. And in answer to Baby J's question, "is my baby ok?" ... Yes! At least for now. And that's good enough for me.

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