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Is It Wrong To Have Children To Different Dads?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10059943 Is It Wrong To Have Children To Different Dads?

I see this question asked many times – Is It Wrong To Have Children To Different Dads? Why are mothers left feeling guilty by the views that others give, when they see mums with children that do not share the same father?

I am really upset and annoyed. I have baby  number 3 on the way,  and yes I did have doubts who the dad was but  I have worked the dates out  and it’s the same dad as my other two children’s. So all three kids will have the same dad.

We are not together but we are working at the relationship, yet my friends are slating me because they say it’s wrong to have kids to lots of different dads.  Why should I have to keep trying to stick up for myself? Why are they making me feel bad?

The thing that you have to remember here is no matter how many fathers maybe in your child’s life, they all share the most important thing in common and that is you, their mom.

Now put aside the spiteful and hurtful comments and ask yourself why would it be so bad if this baby you are carrying, did not share the same father as your other two children?

Would you love this child any less? No.

I have three children from my first marriage and three from my current husband. I know many mothers who have babies to different fathers and this does not reflect upon their parenting capabilities.

If these friends are saying such hurtful comments then perhaps it’s time to look at getting some new friends.

We no longer live in a world where we have children, marry and stay with that person, there are many reasons why relationships break down and in most cases this is for the benefit of the children. We move on and we meet new partners and we start a family again.  This by no means makes anyone a bad person.

Is It Wrong To Have Children To Different Dads?

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