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Is It OK To Dislike Your Kids?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

screaming mom Is It OK To Dislike Your Kids?

While I love my children with every breath in my body, there are days when I wonder why the hell I had them. Is it OK to dislike your kids? Yes of course it is. I adore my children, yet some days I admit I don’t like them very much.

Now we mothers are tutted at or frowned upon when we make remarks as such. And why is that?

Motherhood is difficult, not just difficult, sometimes it can feel as if we are slowly being tortured.

We as mums are expected to be bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of the joys of spring, when really we are knackered, depressed and basically at the end of out tethers.

I had no idea when I had kids that this journey would turn my world upside down and while I could write you a million reasons why being a mother is amazing, most never tell you the crap that comes with motherhood. Trust me that crap does exist. We all face this, yet we are sworn to secrecy, as speaking out would make us look bad parents.

We spend so much time trying our hardest that we never feel what we do is good enough. When we feel we are failing yet again, instead of asking for help or support we retreat, fearing that others will judge us. We are meant to get this parenting lark right.

Nobody told me or could prepare me for the sleep deprivation. I am a person who loves and needed sleep, having a baby throws away any chances of a lie in and having chance to sleep in general. I don’t remember the last time I actually slept for 7 nights in a row without being woken at some stupid o’ clock.

While my youngest is coming up 3, I remember all too well all 6 of them being newborns. Having to drag myself out of bed every 2-3 hours was torture. I do recall lying there listening to one of them, or a few of them even, scream away in their moses basket, thinking I cant do this any more, someone just take them away. I don’t want to be a mom today, its too hard, I am not cut out for this crap.

We get ratty and sheer exhaustion begins to set in, concentration and irritability take over. Its hard to do anything or want to do anything when you feel so tired and run down.

I don’t think saying “ I don’t like my kids today” is bad parenting. I think its a very normal feeling and expression. One I have made on several occasions.

It is OK to dislike your kids

“I don’t want to be a mom any more” are words I have said on more than a few occasions.

There have been times I have wanted to walk out that front door, alone, never to return.

Its good to moan and rant and while I can laugh and think thank god someone else feels that way I do when I see friends having a little rant. I do get annoyed or slightly pissed off when I see mothers swearing in their rants.

“I fkn hate this brat” are NEVER words that should be used when expressing your feelings towards your children. Hate is a word I detest in general and for any mother to even be able to put the word hate and their child in the same sentence for me needs immediate therapy.

While we all get annoyed, angry, frustrated and fed up towards our kids or feel this way towards ourselves, there is a thin white line a mother should never cross.

Is it OK to dislike your kids? What do you think?

 Is It OK To Dislike Your Kids?

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