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Is It Banned?

Posted on the 13 September 2013 by Yamini
This was the first time Amy was coming to the city. She was with her mother. She was quite baffled by the size of the city. "There are so many big big vehicles here. All of them are running around so fast. Where are they running amma?", she asked. "It is the same like our village Amy. In the village the distances are very small so there is no need for vehicles, here they have to travel very far and so they need vehicles", Amma explained. "But amma, why is everyone traveling alone in such big cars?""They all have to go in different directions, so they can't go together" "But amma no body goes in the same direction?""Amy, may be they don't like traveling with other people. Even you don't like giving your toy to Anu""Amma but you said I should share, didn't their parents tell them that?"Amma didn't answer. "Come fast Amy or we will be delayed", they were walking towards the place they were supposed to go. As Amy walked she came across the garbage disposed on the road, she immediately covered her nose. She moved away from the garbage and walked fast on her toes to cross the place. Then she came across a puddle of water and a truck parked on the pavement. She then walked on to the road and continued following her mother. Suddenly a truck rushed past them. Amma was quite horrified and pulled Amy towards her and again a car rushed past them almost touching them."Amma why is there no foot path here?". Amma didn't hear her she was still looking around. "I haven't seen anybody else walk and when we walk people are almost running us down""Are people not allowed to walk in the city?", Amy asked. "But you said walking is good? and I like walking", added Amy looking quite disappointed. 

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