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Is He Or Isn’t He?

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Is he or isn’t he?


If you know me at all, you know I love anything even slightly innovative.

Anything creative and fun that serves to make life even a little bit easier – and what battle is tougher, more excruciatingly slow and painful than the wait for love? Don’t you wish you could just fast track it? Miss all the “does he want me?” “How do I know for sure?” and jump straight into the scrumptiously juicy beginning parts of the relationship?

Which is why when Hamish and Andy came up with the ‘Singles head rub’ phenomenon not too long ago, I thought it was bloody brilliant.

How many of us were a bit scared to pat our own heads as we were stopped in ridiculous Sydney traffic (a head rub signified that they were single), only to see other drivers/passengers looking around rubbing their own heads? I know I did, some were even cute – and though it’s hard to stop the car in the middle of the Sydney CBD and get out to exchange numbers and a flirty chat, it’s still nice to know that there are others out there looking for the same thing, and are even willing to put themselves out there to get it.

Remember traffic light parties when you were younger? You wore red if you were attached, orange if you were possibly interested and green if you were single and ready to mingle! While that kind of obvious showcasing can be a little daunting and in your face, it would be great if there was a way we could know who was single, who was attached and if they were worth pursuing, right?

Likewise, if there is a guy who has partaken in a bit of the flirt with you, sent a few texts, talked the talk – it would be ah-maze-ing to just know if they were into you or not. It doesn’t matter if they’re not, the relationship hasn’t gone deep enough for a brushing to leave you any permanent bruising, but it sure would save a lot of painful waiting around, over-thinking and the annoyance of not knowing where you stand.

Is he or isn’t he?

Don't you wish guys were straight up like Kermit?

My good friend Brad and I indulged in a chat much like this one the other day – and after I had accused men of loving a chase and not wanting anything that’s too easy to get, he threw a few home truths my way. “I agree, guys do like a bit of a chase, it’s riveting for anyone – but the most annoying thing is when a girl acts disinterested, even when she’s not. Girls shouldn’t act like they don’t like a guy if they do – it makes us not want to get involved in all of that head-fuck rubbish. There is a fine line between being straight up with someone you like, and acting clingy and dependent – and when a girl gets it right, she looks more and more like a keeper.”

Woah – that one certainly showed me. While I don’t openly act like I dislike a guy I in fact do have the hots for, I make it my business to play it cool. It just seems safer than putting myself out there and him not feeling the same way. Most girls act this way, as a method of eventual attainment. We think the harder we are to get, the more guys will pursue in order to score – but guys these days are lazier than ever before – and if we act too cold, Brad says guys simply take it on the nose and move on. Annoying as fuck, right? But girls, how can we be mad at guys for doing the same thing – you know, playing it a little hard to get? Don’t be discouraged if he’s not asking you out to dinner every night of the week. He probably is playing it cool – and you’d sure know a lot about that now wouldn’t you?

Is he or isn’t he?




What frustrates you most about the opposite sex? (A few words will do ladies, this isn’t an open novel.)

Do you wish all men were lain out, head in palms complete with a sexy wink like Kermy here?

Miss Piggy’s gon’ kill you bitch.

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