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Is Cheyenne a Chip off the Old Tiger Woods?

By Golfforbeginners

In a recent press release it was said that Cheyenne Woods, the niece of Tiger you-know-who, is now representing the Nike Golf brand "from head-to-toe" using Nike apparel, equipment and accessories. Will Cheyenne be a better representative than her better known uncle?
Cheyenne Woods not only earned her college degree from Wake Forest U but also commanded great respect on the golf course. If this sounds like Uncle Tiger in any way, it should, with one exception. Although Tiger Woods was awarded a golf scholarship to Stanford University and made NCAA All American (among other great golf achievements), he only stayed through his sophomore year. That being said, Tiger's high school mates deemed him, "Most Likely to Succeed."
On the golf course, both Cheyenne and Tiger Woods have an unflappable quality. Cheyenne's golf coach recently said that the young Woods's strength is in her mental game. Most people who have watched Tiger Woods perform agree that the same is true of him.
That being said, neither of the Woods' future is yet written. Tiger Woods' life circumstances has dragged his name through the mud and has impeded upon his mental stamina while Cheyenne's journey is just beginning with a life ahead full of surprises. Either way, Nike has smartly taken a chance on the All-American to set an example for the Woods name.
Next stop for Cheyenne Woods is a spot in the U.S. Women's Open. All eyes will be on her, waiting for the magic to happen. Perhaps she is the Woods that can change the face of women's golf, make it more visible and interesting to the masses?

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