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Is a Morganite Engagement Ring Tacky?

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Is a Morganite engagement ring tacky?

Is a morganite engagement ring tacky?

If you’re a regular reader you likely know what I’m about to prattle on about. If not, please see:

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It's v important to me that you know I wanted this gif to be the one where Angie says

It’s v important to me that you know I wanted this gif to be the one where Angie says “We’ve discussed this Elizabeth.” But I can’t find it on the whole internet.

Ok, back to the topic at hand: Morganite engagement rings and their alleged tackiness. Morganite is a blush pink stone that’s a member of the beryl family. Like its cousins emerald and aquamarine (this month’s birthstone!) It’s a relatively hard gem, with a solid 7.5-8 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. It’s considerably less expensive than emerald, and makes an appealing option for alternative gemstone engagement rings. To determine if Morganite is a good fit for your ring finger, check out this blog post.

Why is it called Morganite?

Morganite was first discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1910 and named for financier JP Morgan. Morgan avidly collected gemstones, as rich dudes are wont to do. His buddy George Kunz, famed Tiffany & Co. gemologist, helped him assemble one of the most famous and award winning collections of gemstones exhibited at the Paris World Fair in 1889. After this, Morgan commissioned Kunz to hunt down and buy the finest and rarest gems around the world, resulting in the 2,176 piece Tiffany-Morgan collection, part deux. So when the rare form of pink beryl was discovered, Kunz suggested it be named for Morgan, in honor of his support for and contributions to gemology.

So now you know about the gem, let’s talk tacky. Putting aside the fact that tackiness is in the eye of the beholder, I’ve gotta give you a definitive no, Morganite engagement rings are not tacky.

Is a Morganite Engagement Ring Tacky

 A Morganite engagement ring costs considerably less than a diamond engagement ring (it should. If it’s at all comparable step away from the Kohl’s counter and find an independent jeweler.) Does an inexpensive engagement ring convey tackiness? Nope. It’s the meaning behind an engagement ring that matters, not its price tag.

Second to symbolism, the next most important thing about an e-ring is how much its owner luuuuuurves it. And if you are a romantic, blush loving bride, it’d be hard not to swoon over a Morganite engagement ring set in a stunning 18kt rose gold setting. It stands out in a sea of halos. It always beckons questions from admirers. It gives you a fabulous alternative to a diamond engagement ring, whether your qualms with carbon stem from budget, environmental or human rights concerns. It lets you wear your favorite color in a manner that is oodles more affordable than a fancy pink diamond. And it matches the glow on your wedding day, you blushing bride, you.

A Morganite engagement ring is no tackier than a halo, a yellow gold engagement ring, a too big engagement ring, or any other gemstone engagement ring. In fact, it’s a very on-trend, very beautiful alternative to a diamond that many brides are saying “YES!” to without a second thought of tackiness. You love those pretty pink rings? Go for it, sister.


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