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Is a Breakup on Your Horizon?

By Amperkins @How2getmyexbac1

Is a breakup on your horizon?

Is a breakup on your horizon?

Many people in a relationship fail to notice the warning signs of a breakup. We all are likely to have had this sour experience at some point in our live's but if two people are truely attuned to each other's feelings then the warning signs of a breakup should not be difficult to notice.
As we are all different the warning signs will vary from couple to couple but many are universal. Let's take a couple who are dating and not married. Arguments over the petty stuff becoming more frequent, not answering phone calls or emails, and a change in temperament are just a few of the initial signs they might be headed toward a breakup.
Spending less and less time together is another warning sign to watch out for. Lets face it, the reason two people hook up in the first place is because they are naturally attracted to each other and want to spend time together. So, when he or she is making excuses for not spending time with the other, then there has to be a reason why. It could be they have lost interest in the relationship so watch out for this warning sign.
Your physical relationship is a big one to look out for. If he or she does not want to be intimate this can be for many reasons, but if this type of behavior continues over a lengthy period of several weeks then the couple should realize something is not right. Another one of the warning signs of a breakup is a radical change in his or her interests. If you notice this becoming apparent then it is quite possible he or she has found someone else who is influencing their life. This is not a bad thing at all if the influence is from someone you both know, respect, and trust. But if this other person is someone he or she might work with, a flame from the past, etc, it is a good indication the relationship is growing cold.
Another  warning sign is when one of you starts to hang out with a new group of people and begin to constatly speak about how great a certain he or she is. This may be nothing at all, but if this person is of the opposite sex, and they start spending more and more time together, a big red light should be flashing in front of your eye's that trouble is coming.
All of the above are but a few of the warning signs of a breakup coming but for most couples the relationship grows cold because they do not work at keeping it going. Natural soul mate relationships are very rare. To keep a relationship going both people have to work at it, and be understanding of the other persons needs, wants, desires, and so much more. Think of your relationship as you would your home. If you never do any up keep to your home it is going to gradually deteriorate and fall down around you. Well, so will a relationship with another person .Click the link below for more information:
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