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Ironically Nostalgic

By Flyingox @blogger_fei
Hi, welcome to my photoblog! This website just launched, so I'm supposed to feel excited and talk about what's to come, right? But ironically, I feel extremely nostalgic. Perhaps it's because this blog is digging up old memories of all the websites I owned as a kid. Looking back, they were all incredibly pathetic, filled with sparkles and other nonsensical stuff. My first websites were called "PearlLulu" and "SunnyChic." Honestly now, who names their website that? Okay, maybe SunnyChic would be an okay name for a fashion blog or an online store or something, but still, very juvenile. (Not that I've gotten any more mature now.)
Anyway, I decided to put my nostalgic feelings to good use by taking some nostalgia-filled photographs with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i.
Ironically Nostalgic
That is the abandoned birdhouse hanging on a lonesome tree in front of our house. My bedroom window faces it, so I'll often just stare at it when I'm bored, wondering why the previous owner of the house left it there to rust alone. My eyes follow the birdhouse swaying in the wind. Back and forth, back and forth... like my childhood slowly ticking by...
Ironically Nostalgic
Ironically Nostalgic  Ironically Nostalgic  So, now that I've (hopefully) triggered your nostalgia a bit, what do you miss about the past? If you could go back and change anything, what would you change?

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