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Iron Sky

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi

Iron Sky The best thing about Iron Sky is that it is so out there in its concept, that the audience doesn’t have a choice but to take the entire film lightly. The bad thing about Iron Sky is that it is just too out there.
The story revolves around Nazis who after their loss in WWII moved to the dark side of the moon in 1945 and since then have colonized it for more than half a century. Surprisingly enough they didn't bump into the Decepticons during their time or else Earth would have had quite a war on its hand. On second thought Nazis and Decepticons Vs Earth and Autobots would make for an interesting watch.  
Coming back from my little tangent there, the new breed of Nazis have grown believing that the Swastika is a symbol of love and that Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator is a 10 minute short in which Charlie tries to imitate their beloved leader. I did warn you the film was out there. But wait, there is more...
Iron Sky The United States of America now has a female President, and one who has an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin. What follows is an attempt by the Nazis at world domination amidst a campaign manager, here on Earth, who will do anything to help the President get re-elected for another term.  
Leaving the story aside, the film isn't all that bad (which doesn’t mean it is good) and while it might seem like a parody at times, it doesn't always come across as funny or laugh-out-loud. The lowest point of the entire movie would have to be the cast and its somewhat wooden dialog delivery and acting. The background score is pretty good and works well with the entire science-fiction theme of the film. Iron Sky makes for an entertaining watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but watch it with an open mind as it is a borderline B-Grade Hollywood sci-fi film.
Rating 2.5/5

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