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Investing in Entertainment Pt. 2

Posted on the 16 November 2011 by Dkentertainment @TheDKE

Earlier it was discussed how an independent filmmaker might finance a film, and we looked at a couple expert opinions to find out how to attract investors.  One of the best things to take away is the fact that your approach should be the same as it would with any other business idea, and that is have a business plan!
Since a film idea isn't a typical business, treat it as a film treatment with more details involving the financing and what returns, if any could be expected.
As previously mentioned in Investing in Entertainment, I described how I just put a script together and now will incorporate these methods and utilize them for my film.  I will explain the process in a step by step way so you can see exactly how I have done it.

  1. Have an idea for a film.
  2. Put together a organized and finished script.
  3. Create a film treatment.
  4. Figure out your finances and returns.
  5. Gather other relevant data and demographics, like what kind of audience will see your film?
  6. Put together your business plan.
  7. Locate investors locally and nationally.
  8. Make sure all your best is on the table within 5 minutes of any meeting.
  9. Never give up.
The biggest things to take away is that you need more than just a script. Originally I thought all I needed was an awesome idea, but when investor's are listening to your pitch all they want to hear is how much you need, and how it will benefit them.
The most important section outside of the actual script, will be the finances and projections so make sure you have all your costs thought of and don't be shy. Remember that you will likely encounter more problems than you originally plan for, so you should also set aside a contingency fund in your finances.
The last and most important piece is to make sure before you ever reveal any important information, you have anyone who listens sign a non-disclosure agreement of some kind.  This will protect you from the possibility of your ideas being used without your consent.

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