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Intuitive Eating Run-a-muck

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I literally cut myself loose today. It was awesome!

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It all started like this. I was hungry, we were at Wendy’s and I ordered a sensible meal. A salad because it sounded good and some fries because I knew I ate pretty light yesterday for my 2ish hours of running and strength training.

Dad wanted some froyo after lunch, like I can say no, I’ll pass to the froyo. Really?!

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So I had a bowl of strawberry-kiwi dairy free sorbet with carob chips and 1 peach ring.


Then I don’t know what happened. At 4pm I wasn’t hungry but I just had to have a muffin. So I ate a udi’s Lemon muffin (times 2) then I really wanted some chips and hummus. In hind sight I think the chips and hummus were just because I’m used to eating when full…

all in all I’m really glad I ate everything I did because it’s all part of the Intuitive Eater in Training process.

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For fitness today I had cross training on the agenda, or 2 miles. So I did a Tae Bo DVD, Cardio Inferno. Which after doing it I wasn’t sure if it really fulfilled what cross training is supposed to fulfill so I ran the 2 miles… Yep, my muscles are sore. Like really sore. I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s scheduled 3 miles will look like a professional speed walker on crack!


I’m pretty happy with my splits.

  • mile 1- 10:12
  • mile 2- 9:59

Had I not done the darn DVD I know I could have done 2 9:30 min miles. Gah!

For dinner I continued the run-a-muck(ness) and ordered exactly what sounded good.

photo (58)

Chile verde burrito with rice, guac and pico de gallo. And I ate the whole damn thing! I’m not even stuffed. I literally needed/wanted it! WTF, shut the front door, what the bleep is going on?!?!

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