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inTUEative: I No Longer Fear Orange Juice

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Good morning merry sunshines! Happy Valentines Day!!

It’s inTUEative Tuesday and 2 Mile Tuesday… holy cow! I feel like Tuesdays are jammed packed with fun things like blog posts, running, basketball games. Ahh, life is good.

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Do you need your daily dose of jeep love????
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inTUEative Tuesday: Why is it so important to just eat what you want?!

I would be a complete liar, like Pinocchio status, if I said that this was an easy concept. It’s just not! Every couple of days I start to think “if only I were skinny like _________.” or “I could probably go on a carb free diet and shed some of this extra squish.” and my favorite “I’m probably ready to go on a diet and it would actually work this time.”. 

What really keeps me going? I remind myself that this year, the entire year, is all about Getting Fit. Not getting trim, skinny, svelte, thin, dieting, or losing squish. This usually get’s my mind back on track.

Here’s what I had for breakfast this morning.



This grilled breakfast sandwich came from Jack-in-the-Box. And it’s E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. what I wanted!!!

For me, eating what I want with no substitutions or restrictions really does help me follow the intuitive eating program. I find that I’m not constantly thinking about food, when the next meal is, when I can possibly justify having a snack, justifying that snack if it’s not perfectly healthy. Now, looking back I’d say I was living meal to meal. Eating monopolized my mind!!!!

Disappointed smile

It’s easy now to say that I’m full and stop eating and its easier to push myself to eat when I’m hungry rather than bored. Did you know I haven’t binged once since I started eating intuitively and I haven’t over eaten nearly at all? Funny how a little guideline can change so much!

Right now I’m seeing this part of my intuitive eating journey as healing. I just want to get rid of all the nasty dieting habits I picked up. I’m not forcing myself to stop when I feel satisfied and I’m definitely not attempting to turn down the cookies when I know I’m not hungry. I like having a clear food-free mind.

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