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Intruder Alert

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

Intruder Alert
Hey, Shiners and Shinettes…I have a bit of a funny story to tell you guys.  Even though, I know that I am positive, I feel that we are able to let loose and live as well.  Well here goes!
LOL what am I talking about????  Squirrels!!!  These things are a bit out of control.  Lately, when I make my morning trip downstairs to my living room to get my day started I begin to hear a chewing sound that I cannot quite place where it was coming from.  My first thought was, ohhhh I pray that it is not mice trying to get in my house!  I stand very quiet for a bit and then I realize that the chewing is coming from above my front door.  I grab a chair, stand on it, and bang on the top of my door so that whatever it is goes away.  At this time, I say to myself “I’m NOT opening that door so whatever is out there can get me” Not going to happen today.  I head over to my couch and the chewing starts again.  Well, at this point I am ignoring it so I proceed with my day.
As I sit on my couch, I hear another noise.  What in the world is trying to get into my trashcans on my little patio?  I peep out the window and what do I see not ONE but TWO squirrels trying to get INTO the trashcans that have lids on them!  What???  These things are working in teams….So I chase them off, however, this is not a game to them because they BOTH are back!  Ughhhh all I want to do is relax before the kids wake up and get moving for school.  This is MY time and I am NOT to be disturbed!  I shoo them away again, but less than a minute they twins are back but now just staring at me like (come on lady just lift the lid and there will be no trouble) did they just try to punk me!?  I would say so. 
I go back to my couch and I decided to peek out the front door to see if I saw what was trying to get in. (Brave be Braveeeeee) (Heart Pounding) I opened the door, and what do I see a squirrel!!!!  Grrrrr alright, at this point I am NOT a happy camper.  This thing is just chilling on my front landing as if he was waiting for me to open the door.  I shoo him away and what do I see him do….He jumps and goes into a crawl space above my door!  What do I hear…..chewing!  OHHHHHH wait a dang gone minute!  Soooo you’re telling me that you're trying to break in like the little homies in the back!  I CAN’T!!  I get back on my chair and bang on that wall again!  Guess what??  He stops chewing and comes out BACK ON MY LANDING as if he was answering me when I banged!
Now let’s back track….I have 2 of these RATCHET things in the back on my patio, and one on my landing who is trying to break in through MY WALL!  MANNNNN as you guys can see I have an intruder and I’m surrounded by THREE very persistent squirrels that are hell bent on getting into my trash and house!  Shoot, they called backup…I NEED BACKUPPPPP!  They will not go quietly and I am not backing down! 
Intruder Alert
These things think they gonna punk me….well maybe just a little!
To Be Continued.....
Ms. Positivity

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