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Introucing the Man With the Cake Touch

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Introucing the Man With the Cake Touch
We don’t talk enough about Daniel.  So where to begin… ?
Daniel comes from a long, sweet, sugary line of cake makers, bakers, designers.  His destiny was almost mapped out for him in chocolate icing, so much so that by the tender age of 22 he was firmly at the helm of the great cake shop & café bar to the stars, soho boho’s & glitterati.  None other than AMATO Patisserie.  Amato new no limits in cake innovation.  Daniel’s imagination was put to task again & again when commissioned to create wedding cakes for those who were looking for something away from the traditional 3 stack white tower. A birthday was not complete without a choux bun, cream swirled dream, filled with pasticciera & fresh berries… & on it went. The taste was always as important as the quirky, pretty ‘out there’ designs.  No two cakes were ever the same & before long Daniel’s flair & originality earnt him a well deserved reputation.
Not only did people flock to Amato to indulge in all things cream & cake but simply to dip their toe into Daniel’s eccentric whirl wind of conversation. Each morning whilst the local Soho media & advertising darlings queued for one of Mr Rap’s perfectly executed cappuccino’s with only the right amount of silky froth dusted with the darkest cocoa, Daniel would wow everyone with stories as flamboyant & as rich as one of his chocolate truffle cakes. The women wanted to be with him… and the guys definitely wanted to be him (or even occasionally be with him.. well this was ‘roaring Soho’ after all in the early ‘nauties’ after all ! !)
The good news is that Daniel is still busy designing cakes, his designs still know no limit and along with his protégé’s Vincenzo & Anna right here at The Family Cake Company Daniel is all set to keep the sugar boiling..
Next… Here come the boys… look out for the bio on the gorgeous Vincenzo, our very own Italian Stallion from darkest Sicilia !!

Complimets go out to Mireille Bonello  who wrote this wonderful blog about Daniel...

Till nex time this Mark signing off. Have a good week cake lovers

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