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Introducing: Rohan’s 7 Things Post of the Week! POW!

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Hi guys! I have a interesting relationship with Friday. Being a musician and writer Friday has always been much the same as any other day for me. Before I played music full time I worked part time at Dominos Pizza from the age of 14 to 16, and I usually worked on Friday nights, our busiest night! However I do appreciate that for those with actual jobs Friday has a very special significance, and I sure do remember how good they felt back in high school!

So what better day to celebrate the best of the previous week’s blogging adventures! I read a lot of blog posts each week, anywhere between 50 and 100 depending on how much time I have to get to posts during the week. And boy do I read some beauties! So from now on, each Friday I will spotlight one blog post, the very best of what I’ve read that week, and I shall award it the great honor of being named Rohan’s 7 Things Post of the Week, or The POW Award for short


Rohan's 7 Things Post of the Week Comic

Although my blog is primarily focused on healing, philosophy and well-being, the Post of the Week does not have to conform to those guidelines. It may be funny, it may be topical, it may be a photo!

So what happens if you one of your posts becomes the Post of the Week? Do you have to do anything? Well no, not really. This is just my way to share my favorite posts and spotlight some of my favorite bloggers and hopefully introduce them to a few new people who might not have otherwise discovered them

If I choose your post for the Post of the Week you can reblog it, tweet it, facebook it, or nab one of the badges for your blog or post. But this is all completely optional, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to
I want the Post of the Week to be a nice bonus, not a hassle!

Rohan's 7 Things Post of the Week Rose

With all the introductions now out of the way I would like to announce the very first Post of the Week recipient! Although I read many great posts this week, the inaugural Post of the Week goes to Katie from Sass & Balderdash, for her post: “What Would YOU Write in Anne Frank’s Guestbook?”

Sass & Balderdash

With all the fuss surrounding the Justin Bieber/Anne Frank controversy this week, I found Katie’s view on the subject refreshing and thought provoking, turning the spotlight back onto ourselves and asking us to put things in perspective.

One of the very first blog posts I ever read back in early November 2012, just days after starting my blog, was Katie’s Fat Chick Mentality which I loved and I’ve enjoyed many of her posts since. She’s clever and funny and if you don’t know her already you really should!

So thanks for writing awesome posts Katie! Keep well and a keep blogging

And congrats on being the first ever Rohan’s 7 Things Post of the Week! Yeah, it’s a big deal!

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