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Introducing Robyn Ottolini

Posted on the 24 June 2016 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

Our last, but far from least, feature on the 2016 Boots and Hearts Emerging Artists is Uxbridge, Ontario's Robyn Ottolini. Robyn s a singer-songwriter hailing from Southern Ontario. As a kid, Robyn loved music. Listening to Diamond Rio and Faith Hill in her dad's old pickup truck on the way to daycare, she was always singing. She started her journey in musical theatre, which later led to her picking up the guitar.

Robyn began songwriting at the age of 14, but it wasn't until the age of 18 she really started to hone in on her skills. Writing about her feelings and her life, Robyn is beginning to have an understanding and appreciation for the art of songwriting in more ways than just a hobby. It's helped her through many of life's curve balls and kept her true to herself. Breaking down her own walls and barriers, she has begun to write and sing completely from her heart.

7 Questions with Robyn Ottolini

#1: Being selected as a finalist for Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist is a big deal. One of the 7 of you will perform on the Main Stage at Boots and Hearts this summer. Describe the moment you found out you made it? How did they contact you? Where were you? and has it sunk in yet?

I was lying in bed checking my emails and it said Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist and when I opened it I couldn't believe it when there was a congratulations, I was shaking so much I could barely finish reading it and then I called my dad immediately and my friends and just started telling everyone! It hasn't sunken in yet I don't think. My whole town and all my friends are being crazy supportive and I'm just in awe of how amazing everyone is. I'm feeling really blessed.

#2: Every artist I've spoken to has a story about how / when they decided to purse music as a career. Describe the moment that you knew that music was the path for you and what inspired you to take that path.

I don't think it was ever a decision that I made, it was always a hobby and always a passion I had. I remember being little and always being so in awe of people who would perform even in small venues and thinking wow, I wish I could do that. When your young it just doesn't seem possible. I've always sung in front of the mirror, I've always had the dream. Now here I am, 20 years old and I can't imagine doing anything else. It's who I am and always been, it's what I love and I just wouldn't be who I am without music.

#3: What's your all-time favourite movie?

I'm a movie lover, so it's so hard to pin down one movie. Honestly anything Disney. Lion King, Hercules, Mulan or Pocahontas.

#4: Your ideal brain food?

Popcorn is my go to. I love popcorn.

#5: If you could see any artist in concert, who would you see (living or dead)?

Kacey Musgraves, hands down.

#6: Name a fictional character most like you?

Either Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I too have an obsession with books. Or Pocahontas because I love the outdoors and all the animals.

#7: Why should you be chosen as the 2016 Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase winner?

Honestly, I think everyone in this competition is so amazing and all very deserving of winning. If I were chosen though, I would work extremely hard to become the best artist I can be while staying true to myself and my music. I'll continue to learn and grow with every experience that winning would give me and follow my passion wherever it runs to. This is all a dream come true and winning would be so surreal.

For more about Robyn visit her online www.robynottolini.com, or follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Introducing Robyn Ottolini

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