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Introducing Junkmates!

By Salvagedspaces @salvagedspaces
Introducing Junkmates!We're excited to announce our new project we're working on here at Salvaged Spaces called Junkmates! After connecting to social media through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we've realized that there is a huge junkin' community out there! Seriously! I mean, we knew we weren't exactly inventing the wheel, but we were convinced we were the only ones who casually (or not-so-casually) glanced at dumpsters, filled their house with junk (not hoarding!), and then lived to tell about it online. Not the case. Junkers are everywhere - and we love it!
So say hello to one of our new loves - Junkmates! Junkmates will give us a chance to share some of our favorite blogs and projects with all of you.
What is Junkmates?
Junkmates is our new online submission program that allows fellow junkers to share their projects on Salvaged Spaces. Their project will be featured in a blog article that outlines their junkin' endeavors, their website, and an introduction to the artist behind the project. Junkmates features DIY, repurpose, and/or before and after projects.
Who are junkmates?
Junkmates have rust in their blood and dirt in their eyes (ouch!). Anyone who has ever picked a piece of furniture from the dumpster. Or turned an old piece of trash into a new treasure. Junkmates just want to salvage, DIY, and share it with the rest of us.
How can I become a junkmate?
You can submit your project here. To get started, we just need your contact information and some details of your project. If you have a blog then we would love to see it and see the original post (if there is one). Junkmates are not required to have a blog.
Why become a junkmate?
We are so excited to include Junkmates on Salvaged Spaces because it gives us a chance to share some of our favorite projects that we find on other sites. If you're a blogger, then becoming a junkmate will also help your blog significantly by introducing it to a new audience. Salvaged Spaces continues to grow in readership and is connected to social media and blog directories. Junkmates are featured in a blog post, but are also shown off on every social media outlet.
Introducing Junkmates! And don't worry - Pete and I still have so many projects to share on Salvaged Spaces. You'll still see us on a regular basis because we love this place. Junkmates will show up about every 2-4 weeks - be on the lookout!
Start submitting your projects now!

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