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Introducing Georgian Junkie ~LUCINDA BRANT~

By Authoremerylee @authoremerylee

Introducing Georgian Junkie          ~LUCINDA BRANT~

The old cliché “I always wanted to be a writer” fits me like a glove. From a very young age I wrote stories to entertain myself. Despite having a sister and a brother I preferred to live in my own world reading books and creating characters for my own stories. I spent many happy hours in the local library with my father, who also loved books. It had the added bonus of being only one of a few buildings to have air-conditioning at that time in my hometown of Penrith, NSW, Australia where in summer the temperature soars to over 38C (100F) for days on end. There I stumbled upon the 930s and 940s shelves (Ancient and European history according to the Dewey Decimal Classification), and fell in love with the Eighteenth Century – the Georgian era!

At High School I excelled academically, with firsts in Modern History and Ancient History in my final year, and represented my school and the region in swimming, athletics and volleyball; my peers elected me School Captain.

I was the first in my family to go to University and chose to study law, politics and history at the Australian National University (ANU). Of course what I really wanted to do was write but to my family that was akin to saying I wanted to go into space! One had to be a “something” that could earn a living – a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, an accountant etc. I chose law because my Careers Advisor told me I had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting into law school and no chance of being accepted into ANU, which is one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. Up for a challenge, I thought, why not? Lawyers use words and I can write so…

Well, I found law very tedious. So I tossed that in and concentrated on Political Science (honors) and History. And where did that get me? I became a “something” all right– an Administrator! I spent 20 yrs in University Administration, moving from University to University in Australia and the USA wherever my husband’s career took us. We met at University and have been together now for 28 yrs. He has a PhD in molecular genetics but wanted to be an artist.

Not satisfied with being Super Administrator I went back to University as a mature-age student and graduated with a Post-graduate Diploma in Education. I really enjoyed being back at university, and it was good to give the old brain a work out! I topped the course and the Faculty of Humanities – so I guess the brain still works okay.

So from Administrator to Teacher! A “something” my mother could be proud of (she just didn’t get the whole Administrator thing). I taught History and Geography at a girl’s boarding school and loved the classroom. I think the girls thought I was a bit of a nutter – what with my Horrible Histories DVDs and stories about court intrigues, political shenanigans and derring-do of heroes and heroines of a bygone era. What is history if not the stories of those who have gone before us?

Oh, and my writing? Well I always maintain it takes 20 years to become an overnight success. I kept writing while working, being a wife and mother and never stopped reading, researching and collecting books for my library on the Eighteenth Century.

I now live in Auckland, New Zealand – another move with my husband’s career. And not only do I get to live in a cool wet climate perfect for writing, I am now writing full-time and earning a living. So I guess I have achieved my “space walk”.  So stay tuned for more Georgian Historical romances in my Roxton series and another crimance is on the way!

Introducing Georgian Junkie          ~LUCINDA BRANT~

Lucinda Brant writes Georgian Historical Romances and Crimances – crime with lashings of romance. If you love BBC Classic Drama, Georgette Heyer, Georgian England, well-researched history and a passionate love story with plenty of wit and adventure, then you’ll love Lucinda’s books! As well as determined heroines and heroes, there’s always an eccentric character or two and a weave of subplots to keep things interesting. Above all, she wants her readers to be entertained.

Lucinda is the author of the bestselling Roxton series – NOBLE SATYR, MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE and AUTUMN DUCHESS and the Crimance Series featuring Alec Halsey, peer of the realm and amateur sleuth DEADLY ENGAGEMENT and DEADLY AFFAIR.

She currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and writes full-time with her Italian Greyhound Bella for company.

She loves to hear from her readers and can be found wandering the social media corridors when not immersed in her Georgian world.

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