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Introducing Dolls From Heaven

By Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83 @KewpieDoll83

Recently, I became aware of a new doll line called Dolls from Heaven. Dolls from Heaven is the brainchild of The Kiczek Family. The Catholic family came up with the idea for a line of saint based dolls after realizing that there were no doll brands out there that aimed to “lead children closer to God through the lives of the saints”. With faith and determination, they conceived and created Dolls from Heaven, releasing their first doll, St. Therese of Lisieux, in July of 2015. These 18″ dolls have vinyl limbs and cloth bodies. They are wigged and have sleep eyes. Dolls from Heaven have hand painted lips and painted finger and toe nails.

 photo 4810.jpg

St. Therese is a stunning looking doll, judging from the supplied images. Like other high-end 18″ doll brands, she retails $98.00 for the basic doll/book and $118.00 for the basic doll/book/extras. St. Therese comes dressed in her Carmelite habit and is packaged with the paperback “I am Therese”. If you decide to go the slightly more expensive route, you’ll get St. Therese’s cape, rosary and a holy card featuring Jesus. While I normally don’t splurge on extra accessories, in this case, I would probably go for the complete outfit, cape and rosary included. Other outfits, like her First Holy Communion dress and Sunday’s Best are also available. Below is a picture of Therese in her First Holy Communion dress. Notice her curly brown hair. It looks great with her eye color and skin tone.

 photo 10724.jpg

Upon showing these dolls to my mother, she instantly fell in love with St. Therese, which was unexpected, as she doesn’t usually care about 18″ dolls made in the American Girl sort of style. I fully expect you’ll be seeing one of these dolls on her YouTube channel one day!

 photo 8401.jpg

Dolls from Heaven’s 2016 release was St. Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc, as you probably know, was given “a mission from God to free her beloved France from the hand of its enemies.” She comes dressed in her armor ready for battle and the paperback “She is Joan of Arc” book. Her accessories, for those who want the complete look, include a St. Joan’s Banner, Green Cape, a St. Joan’s Medal, and a prayer card of St. Michael and St. Catherine of Alexandria.

DFH photo Joan pic.jpg

I really love the armor on St. Joan of Arc. They did a great job with creating that look. Add the cape and the outfit is perfect. And because of St. Joan of Arc’s blonde hair, she looks unique to St. Therese, even though they seem to share a face mold.

If Therese and Joan of Arc weren’t exciting enough, I have a scoop to share with you! Care to know who the 2017 release will be? Dolls from Heaven was kind enough to give you, my amazing and fantastic readers, an exclusive sneak peek!!!! (Drum roll, please!) Dolls From Heaven’s 2017 release will be St. John Paul II! The basic doll will come dressed as a pope, with his extra accessories still being determined. Dolls From Heaven expects pre-orders to go live in March. Check out exclusive promo photos of St. John Paul II below!

 photo 10461.jpg

If the Pope outfit is too much for you, he’ll also have a second outfit– a Navy Sailor outfit!

 photo 10770.jpg

I love the idea behind this line and am excited to see Dolls from Heaven flourish. The characters and stories behind each doll will surely inspire both young and old. They also seem like great gifts for religious milestones.

To be the first to know about new and exciting things from Dolls from Heaven, bookmark their website or like them on Facebook or Twitter. I hope to one day showcase these dolls in a review, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, let me know what you think of this line in the comment area. What doll is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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