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Intimacy and Detachment…

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


How can I have both intimacy and detachment?


Dear Lois and Clark,


How do you blend together the intimacy and detachment being they are so different a concept to each other?



A friend…


Intimacy.. the connection of trust that allows the energy to communicate less any teaching from one to the other. A shared energy that connects inside of the energy of love. It creates presence to the now between two that blend them fully in the foreground to each other. This is not time based… Intimacy in true form has no time as it doesn’t know what time is!


Detachment is a mental concept that creates behavior that speaks to disconnecting or disconnection. If you are speaking of addictive clinging or the need or want to be in an intimate connection created in a mind concept then finding such will keep eluding you. For you make another responsible for something you don’t ever give yourself to know what it truly is. How do you give off an energy you have not ever given yourself or allowed yourself to free yourself into.


To be able to see this completely, will be how you create intimacy to share with yourself to share with another. If you are able to be alone and be intimate meaning truly being in yourself then your choice to be in yourself is never disconnected nor is it detaching from yourself when you connect to another. You don’t make this about freeing yourself for your free inside of this that you give yourself is an energy that will attract that energy. You will not attach to an energy that emits detachment for this energy will see that as disruptive energy to the intimate energy they are in. It is when you have done this to yourself and given yourself this intimacy that you can share in truth of the deeper connection. Your sense of self will heal all the hindrances that you have kept as being nurtured by you, it will not seek someone to cover this up or make someone responsible for it.


When it is true intimacy, the word detachment is a action word that requires drama and intensity of the mind made you to surface to experience something it never wants you to find out, for you can be more without it!


For you would have to keep the mind made you as a sense of survival and the mind wants fear, ego and past experiences and future recognition of what the mind can translate to you without you ever experiencing the truth to connection and peace. Survival from what that you need detachment in intimacy is where this points! Is this where you remove this to experience the true connection of intimacy? How can you share intimacy without this very thing? Your mind won’t tell you this, only your knowing when you are in the now of shared intimacy of what you give to yourself to share with another.


Love Deeply,


Lois and Clark

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