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Interview Questions: On Being the Right Fit for the Job

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Hreric @myhreric

Interview Questions: On Being the Right Fit for the Job.  
By Eric Tutor Cabalda, November 6, 2013. Makati City, Philippines

As previously discussed, the purpose of the job interview is to get to know the applicant and to determine if the applicant possesses the right qualifications.  Further, it will try to analyze if the applicant is the right fit for the job.  After all, it is the real purpose of the job interview.

I usually asked applicants “are you the right person for the job?” or “do you think you are qualified for this job?” or “what makes you an ideal candidate for this position?”

Those questions might sound easy because any applicant can simply and right there and there jumps to answer the question again with their long list of strengths. Answering those questions means giving the Recruiter the information regarding your added value to the company should they hire you.

You have to sell yourself and tell them what you can offer to them.  If you are making an advertisement of yourself, this is the time to tell your sales pitch.  You have to tell them that you are the answer to their needs.  How does your list of strengths or experiences will translate into figures, into profits?

In interviewing applicants for one position, I heard all of them saying the same good qualities why they are the best person for the job.  Now what I am looking for among those applicants are those whose answers are unique and different from the rest.  That is why, when I conduct job interviews, I really throw follow-up questions to validate an applicants’ answers and ask for incidents in the past that will support their claim.

It is easy to tell the interviewer a list of strengths or good qualities but when asked to cite an example, there I can pinpoint at that very moment if they really live up to what they said.

Here are some sample answers which will give you an idea on how to market an brand yourself in terms of being the right fit for the job:

“As you are looking for a Sales Officer to market and promote your products and services, I am the right person for the job considering that in my 10 years of experience as Sales Officer in my previous employers for which I was consistent top sales officer.”

“I had served as a volunteer for the ABC Home for the Aged and handled special cases of elderlies.  During those times, I had proven my passion for caring for the elders and my patience was put into test.    Where other volunteers gave up, I am given the task to continue what they left.  The Director always assigned me to difficult cases because she knew I can handle them properly.”

In answering that question, you have to showcase your history of performance where no one had dared or succeeded but only you.  You have to win their confidence that in whatever circumstances of the job, your resilience and flexibility, coupled with your initiative and creative ability you will succeed.

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