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Interview Question: “What Are Your Weaknesses?”

Posted on the 05 November 2013 by Hreric @myhreric

This is the fourth on the series on interview questions for which the last two articles are on greatest strength and how those strengths help in the performance of the job being applied.

i__m_alone_by_hidden_targetIn this article, how will you manage to answer the question regarding your weaknesses will be discussed?  I’ve made mention in my previous articles that the job interview is the time when you will have to impress the recruiter or the hiring manager.  But how then will you impress them if you are to give them your weaknesses?

So how are you going to make your weaknesses work for your favor? This is one of the most difficult questions a recruiter can throw on you.  And you are being keenly observed on how your reactions are and how you carry yourself with such a heavy question.

Most applicants usually answers the question with a list of weaknesses.  Some claims they are perfectionist, they are strict, they don’t talk that much.  Recruiters are not interested much on the weakness itself but on how those weaknesses impacts job performance and behavior. If possible offer an explanation why you consider those on your list as your weaknesses.

The best way to deal with this question is to make your weakness into a more positive sense.  Don’t start your answer with “My weaknesses are…”  Below are just some ways of dealing the question:

“I realized that my being a perfectionist works for my advantage especially when it comes to organizing a task or a project.  I did not missed any single detail unattended which resulted into a very positive outcome considering that the projects were met on time with no problems encountered.”

“I used to prepare reports on the eleventh hour but I realized that being on time or preparing ahead of time can give you more time to think and make some revisions if an error is detected.”

“I had difficulty in oral presentations as I find myself not used in talking in front of people.  However, I during my free time I practice my reading out loud magazines or newspaper in front of the mirror. Reading practice made me improved my skills in talking.  To even practice some more, I volunteer to lead opening prayers in our department. Right now, there are still rooms for improvement, but definitely I am working my way towards overcoming it.”

My last word on this question is that, from my point of view as a recruiter, and I’m sure others would agree with me.  Asking the question about your weaknesses is not much about me wanting knowing your weaknesses but it is a way of knowing if the applicant really knows himself well.  I am more inclined to hiring people who have the self-awareness of what they are capable of doing and what they are not.  A person can not improve something he is not aware of it.

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