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Interview: Inside With Pookz And DZ Of Studology 101

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright

09/14/2011 – by Cynthia Wright

Studology 101 is the LGBTQ-inspired brain child of Pookz and DZ, a pair of friends that wanted showcase positive images for the younger LGBTQ generation. The duo prides themselves on giving advice to anyone in need – no matter their age or sexual orientation, which has garnered them quite a huge following on YouTube and various other video channels. Determined, young women that have the personality and charisma to keep their audience entertained, opened up to BGA Life about their coming out, Studology 101 fans (trust, they love all of you) and what the Studology brand means to them.

Interview: Inside With Pookz And DZ Of Studology 101

Pookz & DZ of Studology 101

1. When did you guys come out? Was it accepted in your families right away, did it take awhile or is it still a bumpy road?

Pookz – Coming out of the closet was never easy for me. I was forced to come out. Not on my time, not when I was content with my life, but I was forced by a close friends mother. I came out to my mother when I was 13 yrs. old. She made it very clear to me that she didn’t condone it and as a result made me keep it from my father. I figured I could live with her not condoning it. Beats getting disowned or kicked out any day. My father found out about a year after and accepted me just how I was. By then my mother was already over it and also accepted me for who I was. Once the hard part (telling the people you love) is over…It definitely gets better.

DZ- I decided to come out much earlier than many of my peers. Obviously, it was more difficult to come out to my parents than my friends. Like most, I was concerned about how they would react to finding out they had a homosexual child. However, I still made the decision to tell them both at the same time. My father was accepting of it but questioned if I was just going through a phase. My mother was in COMPLETE denial until the beginning of 2011. One day at dinner, she randomly asked me if I was gay and I told her yes. The question caught me off guard because I thought she already knew. Coming out to my friends wasn’t difficult at all. You can find new friends. You can’t find new parents so I’m grateful to have support from both sides.

2. What made you decide to start producing videos on YouTube? Did you have any idols that you looked up to that was doing something similar?

We started doing videos out of boredom. We didn’t realize other people were online voicing their opinions until we got started. People started demanding videos right away so we became consistent and the videos haven’t stopped since.

3. When did you realize that you had a following? Did you ever have a fan that took it a little foo far?

We realized it soon after we started posting videos. The numbers kept rising and sooner than we knew it we were quickly at 5,000 subscribers. There has been an incident where we were followed to our hotel room. Now that was taken way out of hand, we had to run into our room so they didn’t know which one we were in.

4. Were you readers of Curve prior to linking up with them?

We were not readers of Curve Magazine or any other magazine for that matter. Now you can’t keep us away from them. The information provided in Curve Magazine is incredible.

5. Did you get in contact with Curve or did they seek you out? How was the initial interactions? Did you know right away that you wanted to partner up with their site or did you think about it?

A staff member from Curve Magazine’s management team was a huge fan and supporter of our work. She contacted us and we could quickly see common goals with Curve Magazine. We both wanted to bridge the demographics and uncommon grounds in our LGBTQ community. We then got offered the chance of a lifetime. A chance to make our dreams become a reality. We are now effectively bridging the gaps within our community one day at a time. We always remind our fans and supporters to remain professional at all times, you never know who is watching!

6. Do you feel like you are both role models for other people of color LGBT’s out there?

Yes. Our fans and supporters remind us everyday how much we have impacted their lives for the better. From parents to the LGBT’s youth, we are definitely making a difference. We are opening doors and showing the youth that anything can be done.

7. What was your favorite episode of Studology and why? Is there a topic that you haven’t covered that you really want to? If so, what is it?

Pookz- My favorite video would have to be our Stud on Stud video. Although it was one of our very first topics, many people are still bothered by it and look at it as sort of a taboo. That video always reminds me that there is still so much work to be done. A topic that we would haven’t covered and plan on covering is Being Transgendered in the LGBT.

DZ- My favorite video would have to be “Lesbian by Choice”. In the video, we share our viewpoints on whether or not being homosexual is a choice. The video sparked a lot of debate as different people commented on their own perspectives. I wanted people to know that being homosexual is nothing more than a preference. Who’s to say I’m wrong for giving my love to a person of the same sex?

8. What is the biggest perk that comes with being part of Studology?

Pookz- The biggest perk that comes with being part of Studology 101 would have to be our fans and supporters. Even on a bad day they keep you going. They help us just as much as we help them.

DZ- The biggest perk of being in Studology 101 is having the ability to create change. I’ve always wanted to help others in a big way. We are blessed to have an evolving fan base full of people who want nothing more than to learn from our videos. We’ve never seeked popularity, it just happened. As a result, we realized we have a responsibility to others. We must be an example of love and positivity for our community as well as the world.


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