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Interview: Bedroom

Posted on the 29 May 2014 by The Raccoon @TheRaccoonUK

Noah Kittinger, aka Bedroom, has released his second full-length album, titled ‘Grow’.

Bedroom Grow

It manages to portray a sense of progression, both emotionally and technically, while still maintaining the lo-fi innocence his work is known for.

We spoke with Noah about the album’s existing themes, how the recording process differed from his previous record and what it’s like working with the Furious Hooves label.

How long did the recording process take from start to finish? Was it smooth running?

I recorded the record from March to September of 2013. The process was pretty smooth, I usually recorded whenever I wasn’t working, really whenever I had time. Mostly nights or early mornings.

Lyrically, Grow touches heavily on change and moving forward. Were these two prevalent when you were writing the album?

Absolutely. A lot had changed in my life when I started writing/recording.

This is your second full album, how did the whole process differ from Vivid?

When I made Vivid, that’s pretty much all I was doing. It was summer of 2012 and that’s all I did really. With Grow, I had a lot of other stuff going on outside of that.

There definitely seems like a step up in terms of production, ‘Move Forward’ is testament to this. Was this progression something you were consciously aiming for?

I think so, yeah. I mean I had been recording a lot of stuff and I think it naturally got better. I was producing a record for an artist called Michael Myerz, and just recording a bunch of random stuff.

Two of the tracks on Grow feature Jade Lawhon, tell us a bit more about her.

I knew Jade via Facebook. I had seen that she collaborated with a few artists and loved her voice. I knew I wanted her on the record for sure. She’s great.

What do you think are the highlights of the album?

I think Move Forward and Drift Away are for me.

How was it working with your label Furious Hooves? Did they allow complete artistic freedom?

Furious Hooves is great. I love those dudes. They definitely give artists 100% full creative control. I’m really thankful to be a part of the label.

What’s the reasoning behind making your album available on cassette? What is it about the format that appeals to you?

Furious hooves does tape, that’s how they started out. They released my first EP that way. We just love tape. Tape is dope.

Have you got any plans to tour the album?

Actually on tour now! Definitely touring more this summer.

If you were to describe Grow in three words, what would they be?

Mellow/acoustic/pop? Who knows.

And finally, are you already thinking about your next album?

Yes and no.

Listen to the album below and head to Bedroom’s Bandcamp page to purchase. Keep an eye out on The Raccoon over the weekend when we’ll publish our review of the album.


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