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International Womens Day!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
I know I'm a day late but with it being my mother's birthday today and womens day yesterday I'm feeling empowered and want to celebrate all things Female!I started to do some research yesterday around women in bakeries; I stumbled upon a clip from the 1940's explaining how women were very useful for the light decorating work within bakeries. Apparently we made great sales people where a pleasant manner and courtesy is required, for exceptional women a position in management could also be achieved, how lucky for us.But I got side tracked by charities and the good deeds that involve baking and women. I thought this would be a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day by highlighting all the great work being done by and for women to make our world a little better here is some of what I found out.ACTED (Agency for technical cooperation and development)Have set up 3 all women bakeries in the Osh and Jalalabad cities in the south of Kyrgyzstan to help the women affected by the profound violence of June 2010. It will provide temporary employment and stability to 225 women. The produce will be distributed between 2,250 middle school children living in urban violence -affected areas at risk of food insecurity. Please take a look at this link and read further how these women will not only receive help but will in doing so provide assistance beyond their own needs.
Women in AfganistanThis link highlights how far we still have to go to create equality for ALL women.
This is just the tip of all the good thats being done in the name of baking, have a search in google and look at all the inspirational events being set up in the name of charity. With red nose day around the corner it gives you the perfect time to jump on baking for good causes band wagon. You can try simply baking some sweetness and selling them around the office, or get the kids involved and sell them to your children's school friends. Its not about making a huge profit its just a way of getting involved and every penny really does help.Happy International Womens day for yesterday, to all and a happy birthday to my wonderful mom for today!Nicola Quigley[email protected]International Womens Day!

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