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International Adoption – Five Surprises You May Not Know

By Momatlast @momatlast

By Sue Merriam

Is international adoption something you’ve thought about, but were hesitant to pursue because of the perceived negatives attached? There are far more positives to adopting from overseas than you might be aware of, including these five, pleasant surprises

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You Can Afford to Adopt

When bringing up the topic of international adoption, the answer you hear most often is, “but we can’t afford it.” The truth is you can afford to adopt internationally. Just like anything else in life, it’s a matter of priorities.

An international adoption will cost anywhere from $19,000 and upwards, but you don’t have to pay that amount upfront. Instead, the cost is paid out over many months, and sometimes up to two years. There are also many ways to pay off those costs, including adoption grants, fundraisers and tax deductions. Add all these together, and you’ll find that international adoption is far more affordable than you think.

You Will Love Your Children

And you will love your adopted children just as much as you would your biological children. It’s not biology that creates love, but a relationship. Sometimes you fall in love instantly, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time, but it does happen.

Your Children Will Attach to You

Your “real” mom and dad are the ones who take care of you when you are sick, practice catching baseball with you and teach you how to ride your bike. They are the ones who parent you. Like any relationship worthwhile, the relationship between a parent and a child is not based so much on biology, but rather on time and effort. True, your newly adopted child will need to know you are there for her – forever, but in the end, you will be her true parent.

Your Children Will Be Okay

They will grow up to be normal, happy, healthy adults with careers and families. Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton was adopted and so was Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s International. Adoption isn’t a handicap for life; instead it can be a source of strength. Your children know you are their parents because you wanted it.

Race Doesn’t Matter

According to Dawn Davenport, author of The Complete Book of International Adoption, children adopted by parents of another race usually adjust well and have a strong sense of self esteem and racial identity. They attach to their families just fine.

About the Author

Sue Merriam is author of the website, International Adoption Facts and Information and blessed mom to three adopted children.

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