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  • Q&A; with Johanna Lowe of Martyn George

    Q&A; with Johanna Lowe Martyn George

    London native Johanna Lowe came into food and prop styling after finishing up a career as a photographer. “I was working for Sur la Table as a prop stylist and... Read more

    The 03 June 2013 by   Dwell
  • Green Thumb Day

    Green Thumb

    There are those of us who have a green thumb and there are those of us who have a green thumb for a day (the day we plant). I fall into the latter category so... Read more

    The 05 June 2013 by   Homewithbaxter
  • Promo Daily: Emily Merrill

    Promo Daily: Emily Merrill

    In this installment of Photographer's Promotional Pieces We Love: Emily Merrill Emily Merrill's photography promo sent via email Yes, I look at promo pieces sen... Read more

    The 11 June 2013 by   Dwell
  • Decor Score! Amazing Goods That Make Great Gifts but You'll Be Keeping for...

    Decor Score! Amazing Goods That Make Great Gifts You'll Keeping Yourself!

    Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace that focuses on uniquely and WELL DESIGNED objects, many sustainably produces and handmade. Read more

    The 05 June 2013 by   Decorology
  • Announcing Passport to Design Competition Winners

    Announcing Passport Design Competition Winners

    On behalf of Dwell and VividWorks, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2013 VividWorks Passport to Design Competition. Read more

    The 25 June 2013 by   Dwell
  • Louis This.

    Louis This.

    I know, I did the same thing. Which is why you need this: close up shot to see what's really goin' on here. Can you believe this? It's Marble, digitally... Read more

    The 11 June 2013 by   Beachbungalow8
  • Off the Grid by François Chambard and Frederick McSwain

    Grid François Chambard Frederick McSwain

    A recent show at Gallery R’Pure in New York explored the meaning of life ‘off the grid’ for the urban explorer. While Off the Grid is nomadic by nature, a... Read more

    The 18 June 2013 by   Dwell
  • Monday Must Haves

    Monday Must Haves

    I really want a modern (vintage or not) credenza/sideboard/dresser for my TV room. I saw the perfect one for $175 on my local Craigslist and it was gone in... Read more

    The 10 June 2013 by   Kerrysteele
  • No Wire Hangers Ever

    Wire Hangers Ever

    I don't know about you, but for me everything needs to have its own place—a basic rule that helps me keep my pad tidy. One of my biggest pet peeves, and... Read more

    The 27 June 2013 by   Thedesignerpad
  • Photography Focus: Natan Dvir

    Photography Focus: Natan Dvir

    Natan Dvir's new photography series Coming Soon reveals just how affective advertising is and isn't when placed bigger than life as structures in your every... Read more

    The 06 June 2013 by   Dwell


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