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The Martyn and Mary Show ~ Part 2

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz

The Martyn and Mary Show ~ part 2
Remember when I did a wrap up of spring market at the D and D building and I spoke of Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Mary McDonald?  Refresh your memory here.  Well, I was supposed to interview them and  pose a couple questions.  Time got away from us and many vied for their attention, so I left the questionnaire with them and just heard back.  It reminds me of the column People magazine does; stars, they're just like us...
1.)  People would be surprised to know that…
MM ~     I am a great traveler in 3rd world countries and I love hot dogs. 
MLB~ My favorite thing to do in life is to stay home and cuddle up in front of the TV with my dog , daisy .... I travel so much that those evenings are few and far between. 
2.)  Where is your Happy Place?
MM~  My bed with coffee and magazines 
MLB~ My happy place is most defiantly Sunday mornings in bed with a pot of earl gray tea catching up on my favorite shows like the Borgias and True blood !
3.)  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
MM~  My mercurial nature 
MLB~ I would love to be just a little bit taller. I'm just 6 ft but always wanted to be 6'2.... I know sounds crazy !
4.)  What do you consider your greatest achievement?
MM~  Being loyal to in the face of adversity 
MLB~ My whole career has been an amazing achievement considering I didn't have any training in design. I am very lucky and blessed to be doing something I adore everyday and let creativity run wild in my office.  I think being presented with the Andrew Martin International designer of the year award was one of my proudest moments however !
5.)  What is your guilty pleasure?
MM~ coming in the office late 
MLB~ Sea salt encrusted chocolate truffles ! 
6.)  I believe in…
MLB~ I believe in the power of love and all the magic that brings with it ! 

I love coffee in bed, chocolate truffles, The Borgias and want to be taller also!  We could totally be friends!
Thank you Martyn and Mary:Fascinating!

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