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By Golfrefugees

Kids today grow up with computer software games, apps on their tablets and mobile phones. Individual sports will have to embrace this technology to attract their attention. Governing bodies of sports need to make provisions within existing rules.

Today’s passive sports equipment and apparel will be replaced by interactive and informative products.

What can this mean for the game of golf? Participation levels for golf are declining and many people are voicing concerns that golf is too difficult for beginners and takes too long to play. Technology should be permitted to provide all golfers with a faster path to improvement and enjoyment.

For example when putting………..

The contours of the greens are all pre-scanned. When you putt, software recognises the position of your ball and provides you with an alignment aid using the contours data. This alignment aid could be displayed on your mobile, tablet, through a head-up display on your glasses, even projected onto the green.

When swinging a club……………..

Your body is scanned and software used to calculate the ideal swing plane for you. Lasers are used to project your swing plane and sensors in clubs inform you when you swing on the correct path.

Technology can save us.

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